We at 901Bikes value our customers and are committed to providing high-quality products. All new wheels purchased from our website, 901bikes.com, as well as from certified dealers listed on our site, come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty is a testament to 901Bikes’ dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Details of the Warranty:

1. Start and Duration of the Warranty:

The 2-year limited warranty begins on the date the wheels are delivered and ends on the same date 2-years later. The warranty period applies to the original purchase date and does not reset if there is a replacement rim or part.

2. Products covered under Warranty:

All new wheels purchased from 901bikes.com and certified dealers listed on our website are covered under the warranty.

3. Transferability:

The warranty program is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

4. Coverage of the Warranty:

The warranty covers wheels, spokes, nipples, and hubs against defects in materials and workmanship. The limited warranty only covers issues caused by non-external factors during the warranty period.

5. Exclusions from Warranty:

The warranty does not cover bearings, valves, quick releases, thru axles, brake pads, and other vulnerable parts. It also does not cover damage due to improper assembly, maintenance, installation of parts not intended for the wheels, accidental damage, misuse, heat damage, non-compliance with manufacturer specifications, or any external factors. The warranty also does not cover issues arising from using straight gauge spokes, exceeding the wheel’s maximum weight limit or tire pressure, riding in inappropriate terrain or conditions, or using a wheel not designed for eMTB riding on an eMTB.

6. Shipping and Taxes:

In case of any manufacturing defect noticed within 30 days of delivery, 901Bikes is responsible for replacing the defective part and bearing any shipping costs. If any manufacturing defect occurs after 30 days and up to 2-years, 901Bikes will replace the defective part, but the customer will bear the shipping costs.

7. Discontinued Products:

If 901Bikes no longer manufactures the purchased rim, hub, spokes, etc., we will upgrade you to the newest equivalent model at no extra cost.

8. Claiming the Warranty:

To file a warranty claim, please fill out and submit our Service Center Form on our website. We will then contact you with further information.

Crash Replacement Policy:

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and 901Bikes offers a unique service for customers whose wheels have been damaged by external factors like a crash.

1. Coverage of the Crash Replacement Policy:

901Bikes offers replacement rims, spokes, and hubs at a discounted price under this policy. Contact us for a replacement quote.

2. Eligibility for Crash Replacement Policy:

All wheels purchased from 901bikes.com are covered, with a few exceptions like disc wheels and wheels with six spokes or fewer.

3. Duration of Crash Replacement Policy:

The crash replacement policy lasts as long as the warranty.

4. Shipping and Customs Duties:

The customer bears the cost of shipping and customs duties under the crash replacement policy.

5. Discontinued Products:

If 901Bikes no longer manufactures the purchased rim, hub, spokes, etc., we will upgrade you to the newest equivalent model at no extra cost.

Consumer Advice:

Every part of a bicycle has a useful life cycle, which is influenced by various factors like technology, rider’s weight and power, maintenance, construction, materials, type of riding, etc. Components can experience normal wear and “material fatigue,” which is the progressive separation of the molecular structure, leading to micro-fractures and weakening the component over time. Regular inspection by a qualified mechanic is recommended to identify issues before they could lead to a failure. Any component that shows signs of wear, fatigue, or damage should be immediately replaced. It’s also recommended to wear safety gear like helmets, high-visibility clothing, and bike lights for a safer riding experience.