Motorcycles Heavy Duty Tool Bag Wrap

Item #: MT103BK


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  • Material: 1680D polyester,internal wear resistant waterproof mesh cloth. Weight: 275g. The whole bag is expanded and tiled into a storage space, which can be divided into four pieces and folded into one roll bag.
  • Classified storage, store repair tools of various sizes,multiple compartment and elasitic slots have suitable positions for tools. Independent perspective zipper window in order to clearly see the internal items, convenient to take out them. Mountaineering buckle for easy placement and hanging.
  • Two removable velcro straps are provided for easy fixation on the saddle or handlebar of the motorcycle.
  • Customized buckles will not loosen due to bumps.
  • Note: There are no tools inside. The tools are only for display.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg

Black, Olive